The language of the left brain is logical. The educational system in the United States has effectively taught generations of left-brained thinkers.

However, studies have shown that children loose a large percentage of their creativity between ages 5 and 7. Things like storytelling, art, music, drama, and design become second class subjects at this young age.

Leap forward and you’ll find that TV, radio, print, bill boards, yard signs and point-of-purchase messages all sing the same sound in the mind. Sales, discounts, two-for-one, buy-one-get-one and lowest price of the century are lyrics of the left-brained limbic system.

But your consumer is living in her right brain. “Keeping it real” has replaced “being cool.” Authenticity rules the day. The old saying, “Say what you mean, and mean what you say,” applies. People know when your offer is crap!

Your dreams didn’t change Just because business tightened up. It might have changed your focus. Deep down, in places we’re too embarrassed to talk about, the dream goes on.

So go ahead and hunker down. Count pennies. Save scraps. But, remember that imagination, perception, and faith are as fundamental as math, language and spelling.

They are simply the languages of the other side of your brain.

Creating interesting and compelling copy costs the same as the dull scream-and-shout hype of the last 50 years.