For 35 years, we have learned the right and wrong ways of starting and growing companies. We’ve mortgaged our home to buy our store and grown single-store sites to multiple states.  We’ve lived and struggled based on the choices we make each day.

We learned a long time ago that you can’t sell or market your way out of losses. You can’t inventory control or organize your way out of cash flow problems. The overall profitable health of your company is the direct result of the careful balance of each key metric.



We focus on faith first, and everything else falls into place. I’m not an evangelist. I’m not trying to persuade somebody to believe what I believe; I respect the faiths of the world. But I believe you can’t behave or think one way during a spiritual service and act a different way in business. In my case, I’m a Christian and so my structure comes from the Bible that gives instructions about how to live my life in every area. The people who will enjoy working with me will be those who connect their faith life to their work life. Just like I’m not offended by working with my friends who are Muslim or agnostic, you cannot be offended working with a Christian. This is my approach to life as it relates to work. 


We know companies are built by people who love them—whether it was just the 2 of us, or the 100’s of people we’ve hired to help us scale the organization we were building. Our companies earned awards for being the best in our state, and among the top businesses in our $150B industry.

My business growth model perfectly positions business owners to realize their dream of creating a business where they can achieve personal, financial, and professional freedom and “Work Refreshed.” 

We are interested and experienced at helping businesses solve problems, whether it be software implementation, digital marketing, organizational, or operational issues – or living out your faith in all areas of your personal and professional life. We don’t take a cookie cutter approach. We decide who we can help only after careful and free discovery conversation.

Our business assessment can quickly pinpoint major profit impacts within any business. These areas are often overlooked by the vast majority of business owners and can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.


When marketing is what’s needed, together we can find your sword-in-the-stone message that will outshine your competition. This process begins by asking a single question about your marketing claims that will reveal why your customer isn’t compelled to buy from you instead of everyone else. 


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