About Us

Working without a safety net isn’t for the faint of heart. 

We know the pain of not being able to pay ourselves because we just didn’t have the money.

We also know the mountaintop experiences when hard work, planning, and execution all pay off big.


Our work has taught us a deep respect for our fellow business owners who are somewhere along this path as well! We aren’t presumptuous about the dreams and goals of today’s entrepreneurs. In fact, we have experienced the same emotions as you. 

The Lively Merchant is the right company to help you put all of the puzzle pieces in place. We help you make the right decisions, the right ways, at the right time about the future of your business.

David Lively

Founding Partner

Visionary and leader, loyal friend, trusted adviser. Two-time Ironman triathlete, mountain biker, burro runner (it’s a thing).

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Amy Lively

Founding Partner

Detailed, organized, and creative. Author, community volunteer, entrepreneur. Wife and mama first and always.

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