If you’re in High Point, come find out what’s working for other retailers during this “economic downturn” tomorrow at 2:30 pm in the 12th floor resource center.

There are actually six things- no, seven things your family business can do in a recession. The first is to understand that there are two types of shoppers, transactional shoppers and relational shoppers. Yesterday I explained to traits for transactional shoppers. Today let’s talk about the relational consumer.

  1. Relational customers consider today’s transaction to be one in a long series of many future purchases. They are looking less for a product than for a store in which to buy it.
  2. Their only fear is of making a poor choice. Relational shoppers will purchase as soon as they have confidence. Will your store and your staff give them the confidence they seek?
  3. They don’t enjoy the process of shopping and negotiating.
  4. Relational shoppers are looking principally for an expert they can trust.
  5. They consider their time to be part of the purchase price.
  6. Confident that they have found “the right place to buy,” relational shoppers are very likely to become repeat customers.

Sound familiar? If so, you are most likely a relational advertiser!

Stop by the seminar or give me a call if you’re wondering what your next promotion should be. We can tell your story better than anyone else.