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No, really. Take my simple business assessment to get an instant score for your business. You might find out you’re doing great and can move into your future with confidence. Or you might just put your finger on something that is keeping you from the success you know is possible.

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No matter what your score, I know there are things about your business that keep you up at night out of worry or even excitement. I know, because I’ve been there, too.

This free assessment is a small part of a much broader, deeper process I use to help business owners measure their health, guide their vision, and put their faith in action. We begin by standing at the crossroads and looking at where you are and where you want to be. During a one- or two-day intensive, we closely examine your current situation with your faith and family, finances, operations, organization, sales, merchandising, and marketing. I will walk with you as you set goals, develop strategy, solve challenges, and manage your financial picture. After working with me you will have a plan to achieve your priorities and build relationships so that you can “Work Refreshed.”

Please reach out to find the ancient paths that lead to rest for your soul.

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