T tops. Duck tails. Leg warmers. Pet rocks. Ugg boots. Cabbage Patch Kids.

We’ve all seen them come… and go. Trends, by definition, are here today and usually gone tomorrow, lingering just long enough for at least one embarrassing photo opportunity. We usually rush to throw some cold hard cash at the latest trend. We want to fit in, to have what everyone else is having. Trends are fun while they last.

What are the current trends that your customer just has to have? Do you have them? How do you help her incorporate the latest look into her country blue living room? What are her fears about buying into a trend, and how do you help her overcome them? How far is she willing to go, how much is she willing to spend, to get the latest in-thing into her home?

And, just for fun, what is the dumbest fad you ever fell for? Can we see your picture?