Family man. Runs in the family. In the family way. Family tree. Family matters.

Americana is all about family. We’ve even stretched it to include our “work family” and our “school family” or our “church family.” Despite efforts to redefine it, we all have our own personal definition.

What does “family” mean to Ms. Jones? Are there always kids, or can it just be her cats? What if Mr. Jones took off with someone from his “work family”? What if there are kids, but they just jumped out of the nest? What if they’re still in the nest, but only for ten minutes at a time between sporting events and play dates?

Whatever you sell has got to fit into Ms. Jones family, however she defines it. Has the changing shape, size and style of the American family changed the way you do business? Has it impacted your assortment? Have the needs of your employees changed as their own families have changed?

How do you find out what Ms. Jones’ family feels like, so you can fill their needs?