Can you tell she was raised in a retail store? Our daughter wrote this story as an assignment for school; the underlined words are from her spelling list. There’s still time to find the manger before the wassail runs out.

Once upon a time in a little town called Bethlehem there was much excitement for a new Walmart was open. The day before a herald had announced that all figgy pudding, poinsettias and mistletoe were on sale and everyone wanted some. When you entered the store you were greeted by many people trying to give you things like free wassail. Decorations were all on sale and all Rudolph statues were $20! Kids were sent to the daycare while parents went to go shopping; they met Santa and played with the free toys that they had gotten. In the religious part of the store Jews were buying pure gold menorahs for Hanukkah. The choir was outside caroling. This is what happened on the first Noel, because no one knew that in a small manger outside of town an infant was born, the Emmanuel, God.