This week in High Point, North Carolina, furniture retailers from around the country will be asking, “How do I survive this recession?” Come find out what’s working on Tuesday at 2:30 pm in the 12th floor resource center.

There are actually six things- no, seven things your family business can do in a recession. The first is to undersand that there are two types of shoppers, transactional shoppers and relational shoppers. Together we will explore both, and I’ll post more about them later this week.

Here are five traits for transactional shoppers.

  1. They live for today’s transaction and give little thought to the possibility of future purchases.
  2. Their only fear is paying more than they have to. Transactional shoppers are looking for price and value. (PE-P=V)
  3. They enjoy the process of comparing and negotiating and will likely shop at several stores before making their decision to purchase.
  4. Transactional shoppers do their own research and don’t need the help of an expert. Consumer Reports are published primarily for the transactional shopper.
  5. Because they enjoy the process, transactional shoppers don’t consider their time spent shopping to be part of the purchase price.

Sound familiar? If so, you are most likely a transactional advertiser!

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