Words really do matter in advertising.

  • Advertising written well will cause the reader or listener to take abrupt and unexpected changes in direction.
  • Advertising should align with what really touches the customer, moving them and their hearts with meaning.
  • Advertising should clarify how your store answers their felt need for status, power, money, fame, and relationships.
  • Advertising should position the customer emotionally as restless, irritable, anxious, or discontented with their current situation. The deeper the writer can make the customer question thier current situation, the easier the job of selling your solution will be.
  • Advertising needs to take the customer on a journey. Journeys can be upward to the gates of heaven, or spiraling downward toward the gates of hell. Either way, movement in the customer’s mind has taken place.
  • Advertising should move you beyond black & white, or good & evil, or helpful & harmful. Copywriting should move the customer to a decision.

Don’t waste your valuable paid advertising time telling customers about your business. Instead, explain to them how you understand their lives and needs. When you have proven you understand, you’ll be granted the opportunity; when you are granted the opportunity, you’ll need to be sure you are ready; if you are ready, you’ll often win a customer for life.

If you weren’t ready, the plastic, fake, happytalk message about your fun, fast, family, friendly advertising wouldn’t have mattered a plug nickel anyway.