Have you ever thought about the questions leaders need to ask in order to instill purpose within their companies?

This has really been top-of-mind for me lately, because so much is riding on the decisions leaders are making today.

It seems as if the margin of error has completely evaporated in the last six months.

I believe the generational transfer from Boomer to X is nearly complete. X’ers will only be a speed bump in time until the Millennials takeover.

Why do we feel an organization should aspire to make the world a better place?

What is the implied value of organizations of greater purpose?

How do we choose to live, interact, and behave as an organization in order to achieve this higher purpose?

How will we know when we are on the right track?

What does it look like (or feel like) when we achieve our organizational greater purpose?

These are hard questions!

I will try over the next several days the answer each of them in detail.

It will be great if you’ll help me clarify the answers by providing some feedback.