Sometimes leaders just have to pay the price.

The price of people’s failures: People just “leave the ranch,” they break laws, they backslide and backstab, they believe it’s your job to solve their problems, the list could go on. Leaders have to understand why they are leaders and others are not.

The price of complaining: As a leader you’ll have to face the failure of others to be content. The opposite of complaining is gratitude. Be grateful for the complaining employees. Without them it could be worse. Sometimes it might be an hour-by-hour thankfulness that gets you through.

The price of comparison: Recognize when others are reliving the glory days and move on quickly. People use selective memory. The good ole days were never as good as people claim them to be. Don’t fall into this trap yourself.

The price of playing God: What do you expect of me? My situation is terminally unique. Understand there is a big difference between being responsible FOR somebody and being responsible TO somebody. Don’t try to solve problems that aren’t yours.

The price of being placed on a pedestal: I’ve only heard of a single man who was willing the pay the price for all of the rest of us. Each of us is replaceable. Don’t fall into the trap of believing you’re indispensible.

Check out these leaders. Some might say they are crazy. What do you think?