Daily life keeps me humble.

Killing lions and bears like my namesake has never out of the question.

Of course with killing you create a lot of mess. Mess always has to be cleaned up. (Notice the current financial condition of GM and Chrysler.)

When we think about the victory of the fighting and killing of bears and lions we focus on the positive outcome. The dangers of taking on these sorts of battles are not for the faint of heart.

For those of you who enjoy old stories of truth this one begin with a young boy bringing lunch to his brothers when the neighborhood bully provokes a fight.

This bully’s challenge offers big rewards. There is a law of the universe that says, “Opportunity and security are inversely proportionate: as one goes up, the other goes down.”

As we head into the final quarter of this year the opportunity to gain market share is better than it has been in years. The risk of trying to grow during rough times is also bigger now than in many years.

Our new partnership and expanded services have created a one-two punch of opportunity.

I’ll be in High Point Sunday evening through Wednesday midday. If you would like to talk let me know. I’d love to talk shop.