You say, “We deliver!”

She says, “I’m excited about my new delivery, but…”

“But… I’m not looking forward to staying home all day to wait for it. Or what if I have to work that day? It will be a huge pain in the neck to take time off to come home and let them in, and Bill might be out of town. I certainly don’t want my nosy neighbor to let them in.”

“But… my home is probably going to look worse before it begins to look better. I mean, what am I supposed to do with my old stuff? It’s going to have to be moved somewhere in order to get the new stuff in… which I’m sure will reveal a colony of dust bunnies. Will the new stuff even fit? Will I have to rearrange the entire room?”

“But… I don’t even know these people! I teach the kids about stranger danger, yet here I am inviting a couple of burly guys into our inner sanctum.”

“But… and this is my biggest BUT… what if I don’t even like this stuff I’ve been waiting for all these weeks? Will it look pretty, will it work properly, will it make me feel good?”

“What are my options if my mother-in-law raises her eyebrows at it?”

How do you answer your customer’s “But’s…”?