The Las Vegas furniture market is filled with great product introductions and a record number of retailers looking to fend off the summer blues. I was nicely surprised to NOT hear people complaining about how difficult business is. While it is clear things are tough, solutions come from engaging in each opportunity.

Two different stories from market will work nicely to differentiate you from everyone else in your market. One is exciting and positive and the other should scare the crap out of each of us.

First is the opportunity to partner with HGTV to become the preferred home furnishing retailer in your market. In case you are not aware, HGTV is far and away the most respected brand for women looking to decorate their homes. You can learn more by visiting HGTV/NHFA Preferred Retailer Program Details or by contacting me for the details.

The second story catching my eyes and ears deals with the safety of your Ms. Joneses. Amazingly, 33% of the leather product coming from Guangzhou Has Unsafe Formaldehyde Levels resulting in an 11 year old girl being hospitalized.

I quickly connected the dots between these two stories, have you? Being a preferred HGTV retailer gives you creditability with Ms. Jones. Being a preferred retailer provides you a platform to let your local market know the dangers of buying leather from this Provence in China. You can be an authority and a family watch dog in one fell-swoop.

We will gladly help you write persuasive copy. Your story will stand head and shoulders above the product and price nincompoops in your market. If you win the hearts of your customer their pocketbook will follow.

Want some help?

PS- I don’t know about you, but this China story reminds me of a great exchange from Tommy Boy.