The brain has three natural roadblocks that stand in the way of truly innovative thinking:

1. flawed perception
2. fear of failure
3. the inability to persuade others.”
– Dr. Gregory Berns, neuroscientist, psychiatrist, and Distinguished Chair of Neuroeconomics at Emory University.

The brains of retail owners and managers are stuffed full of these roadblocks.

Dr. Berns explains how worthless the brain becomes over time. He says, “Did you know that when you see the same thing over and over again, your brain uses less and less energy? Your mind already knows what it’s seeing, so it doesn’t make the effort to process the event again.”

A trusted teacher-adviser taught me to never offer ideas without ways to help implement them.

Unlike other consultants, I choose to take this advice. Don’t let some marketing guru claim to know how it feels to walk in your loafers. Most of them have never risked their own money on much of anything.

So here’s the deal. Competitive Analysis, Differentiation, Market Segmentation, Persona-fication™, Discovery, and Strategic Planning are all designed and tested to improve your company’s sales.

Keep your brain well exercised! Life’s a hoot when you do.