Over 17 years ago, 1111111111 Bruce Springsteen belted out,

“You might need something to hold on to, when all the answers, they don’t amount to much, somebody that you could just to talk to, and a little of that human touch baby, in a world without pity.”

Today more than then we are all desirous of a human touch. Most fast, efficient online transactions are completely lacking human contact. The customer is shocked when you provide a truly personal online experience.

Does your site get personal with your customers?

  1. Call first time customers within a day of their order. Ask them for feedback and thank them for their support.
  2. Ditch the boring executive bios. Post profiles from the rank and file, the people who actually interact with your customers on a daily basis. Profiles remind your customers they are buying from people, not some corporation.
  3. Answer the phones yourself. Tell customers who you are and get their feedback first hand. You will hang up with loads of new ideas.
  4. Give to a worthy cause. Make sure you communicate specifically the people who benefit from your donations, so customers feel the connection.
  5. Include a picture of each customer service representative in their email signatures. Make it easy to remember they are dealing with real, caring people.
  6. Listen and respond to your customers via Facebook and Twitter. Don’t create social media outlets if you’re truly just looking for another way to push you offers down the throats of your online friends.
  7. Start blogging.

Have you ever been shocked by a company “getting personal” with you? Share your experience.