“Choosy Moms choose ________.”

“When you care enough to send the very best.”

“Quality is Job 1.”

Feeling adrift in a sea of selection on the showroom floor, a recognized brand is like a life raft to your customer. It’s like seeing a familiar face across the room at a crowded cocktail party where you know no one.

She reasons: “If I’ve heard of it, it must be good… or, they’ll make it good. I’ll get a better product and better service from a bigger brand. When my parents bought this brand it lasted forever, so this one will, too. The fancy label will even impress my neighbors.”

Is your customer comforted by the brands you carry? How do you live up to the expectations these brands create?

Or, is there a customer who scorns alligator shirts and logo-ed luggage, who is more concerned with price and availability? Why should she care about the brands you boast of?