Dreams and myths are constellations of archetypal images.

What then is an archetype? Jung said we have a“preconscious psychic disposition that enables a (man) to react in a human manner.” Archetypes may emerge into consciousness in piles of variations. There are a very few archetypes (about 8) which exist at the unconscious level, but there are an infinite variety of specific images which point back to these few patterns.

Jung found the archetypal patterns and images in every culture and in every time period of human history. They behaved according to the same laws in all cases.We humans do not have separate, personal unconscious minds. The mind is rooted in the unconscious just as a Hickory tree is rooted in the ground. When we have the courage to seek the source to which our mind, will, and emotion belongs, we begin to discover even more universal patterns.

The reality is concealed in the darkness of mystery.

So let me say something; I’m Batman.”